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Hawk Medicine

"I never imagined this would be my life.
I couldn't have dreamt up such magic!"

~ Angie

My self-love journey began long before I knew it was the path I’d take and remains at the forefront of my life. I was around 7 years old when I felt a powerful force coursing through my arms and hands down to my fingertips. Instinctively, I knew to put them on loved ones wherever they had pain and imagine it disappearing - and it would. As this force grew, I realized that I was also sensitive to the energies of people and spaces around me, later finding out that I am what people call an empath. In the early stages of recognizing myself as such, I sank into the depths of depression, consumed by the desire to absorb other people's pain so they could be free. This led to a marijuana addiction, which blocked what I needed to discover the most. I spent the majority of my twenties emotionally numb and depressed, all while helping people move through their toxic beliefs. I was a functioning addict disguised as a superhero who suffered in silence.


In addition, I was a fast food junkie despite my father having been raised on an organic farm before "organic" was a thing, and my mom being from Okinawa, one of the few Blue Zone regions noted for having the longest living people. I was a first generation and true-to-heart American, food wise, at least. My overconsumption of fast-killing fast food led to IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) eventually landing me in the hospital where I was misdiagnosed as having endometriosis. 


At a standstill after getting all the wrong answers from western medicine, I chose to explore holistic medicine, which led me to acupuncture. This became my medicine of choice and, through my acupuncturist, I found Reiki. This is where my life changed. I was ecstatic about learning Reiki after finding out that I had been doing it as a child and that it originated in Japan. Reiki opened the door to realizing my purpose and has been a foundational tool that I use to assist others on their healing journey.

I received my Level I & II Reiki certifications in 2011 and became a Usui Reiki Master in 2013. I spent the next few years using Reiki in my everyday life to heal and energize myself, people, plants, animals, and spaces. In 2015, I traveled to the Peruvian Amazon Jungle to explore a plant medicine known as Ayahuasca, which has been used by shamans (a.k.a. medicine men/women) to heal people for thousands of years. During my first trip to Peru and fifth Ayahuasca ceremony, I had a death and rebirth that removed inflammation in my body and revealed the formula to heal my gut. When I returned to the U.S., I discovered that Ayahuasca also strengthened my energy healing capabilities and I began to incorporate shamanic tools in my healing sessions. I received my Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki® Master certification in March of 2017 further enhancing my practice. After close to a decade of practicing Reiki, a dear sister told me about Jikiden (“direct”) Reiki, the original teachings from Dr. Mikao Usui that was forced to go underground in Japan during WWII. Many are familiar with Western forms of Reiki, which is how I was initially taught. To learn more about the original teachings of Reiki and its history, please click here.

After 3 more trips to the Amazon Jungle and 20 Ayahuasca ceremonies under my belt, I returned in 2018 to connect with and learn from a powerful and sacred frog medicine known as Kambo. Side-note: I planned to move to Peru to open a healing center at this point, however, Kambo had other plans for me. Kambo has been powerful force in my life, and has allowed me to deepen my connection to Self and my feminine aspects as a big part of my work consists of nurturing and holding space for others. I travel to the jungle frequently to receive Kambo directly from the frogs in their natural environment, which protects the integrity and potency of the medicine that I share.

Did I mention that Ayahuasca completely transformed my relationship with plants - including marijuana? You should also know that, at this point, I learned how to grow mushrooms and created a deep bond with these magical beings. I also expanded my plant medicine pallet and worked with San Pedro, Peyote, and DMT. Now that you're up to speed (for the most part), in 2020, during the pandemic, I was smoking a joint when I received the vision of sexual trauma that I experienced as a little girl. I searched for a feeling, and all that came to me was compassion. I knew that I received the vision at this particular moment because I reached a place in my personal evolution to hold compassion on a deeper level. I sat with this vision for 3 months until I was lead to host my first Instagram Live on Healing Family Sexual Trauma. This was a powerful moment because 80% of the people I shared my experience with also experienced some form of sexual trauma. Also worth noting, I spoke to the family member who traumatized me in an effort to help heal our family. I also felt it important to speak to my father and my mother before sharing my sexual trauma story with the world. More on this later.

I never imagined this would be my life. I couldn't have dreamt up such magic! I worked in corporate America for many years, and my spirit knew that those skills would come in handy as I transitioned into a more SOUL-fulfilling lifestyle. I get to help people see themselves fully. What an honor, and I am grateful that you took this moment to learn more about why I do what I do.

Enjoy some of my life visuals below, and join my mailing list to stay updated on all of the happenings. Much more to come! May you recognize all the abundance around you.


Peace & Love,


Angie B.

Jikiden Reiki
Kambo Bella

Kambo Bella, the first frog I received medicine from in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle, 2018.

Peruvian Amazon Jungle

Sharing gifts in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle, 2019

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