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A 6-Day Self Love Retreat in Tulum's Jungle Paradise

April 4 - 9, 2024

Tropical Leaves




Liberate is an immersive and transformative experience designed to nourish your body, mind, and soul, reconnecting you with the power of Self Love and unlocking your authentic potential. Leave the ordinary behind and nurture your well-being in the tropical jungles of Tulum, where luxury and natural beauty unite in perfect harmony.



Immerse Yourself In Transformation

Our 6-day, 5-night journey is a sacred sanctuary for deep healing and self-discovery. Through inner child healing, voice activation exercises, and leadership workshops, we create an interactive environment of ritual, good vibes, and fun. You'll explore the meaning of Self Love and its profound role in shaping your reality and the world around you.


Kids Blowing Bubbles

Discover the Magic of Self Love

At Liberate, we believe true healing begins with Self Love. Reconnect with your inner child and activate the wellspring of authentic power within you. Release the toxic patterns and beliefs that have held you back and step boldly into the new you.

A Unique Fusion of
Spirituality and Practicality

Unleash the power of shamanic spiritual experiences merged with real-life self-leadership skills, all set in the enchanting backdrop of Tulum's playful paradise. Our carefully curated themes, such as Vulnerability: A Master Key to Healing and Rewilding Your Life, inspire you to break free from old influences and unlock your authentic expression.

Tropical Plant

Sacred Medicine for
Profound Transformation

The medicine we use is sourced directly through sustainable and fair trade practices. Each one has its own intelligence and consciousness that goes far beyond our own. They teach us about life and about death. They purify us from all the un-serving things we hold inside our psyches and offer precious knowledge that helps expel anything that is alien to our true being.

Embrace the power of ancient Amazonian frog medicine, Kambo, for deep purification and cleansing.


Experience the sacred snuff, Hapé, to ground your body and mind.


Allow the mystical cacao to open your heart chakra and promote healing.

Previous Guests

"Months after Liberate ended, I intentionally respond to adversity and most things with love, grace, and compassion. I was able to open up in ways that I was afraid of and was shown things about myself that I never knew existed. I was gutted in the most beautiful way." - Amelia B.

"Liberate is an experience that allows you to feel lighter, more joyful and the ability to be empowered by your vulnerability." - J. McCoy


A Jungle Oasis for
Holistic Healing

Relax and purify in a luxurious jungle resort located in the mystical Mayan jungle complete with a pool, fire circle, private cenote, and secret cave. After our nightly bonfire, wind down and retreat to your air-conditioned room or apartment, and rise each day to the relaxing sounds of nature. Enjoy delicious plant-based meals by local master chefs, and allow the magic of the Mayan Jungle to open you to new possibilities.

Your Experienced Facilitators

We are women of color with Indigenous roots and extensive backgrounds in leadership, plant medicine, and integrative work. We developed our sacred art forms from a rooted foundation of training with masters in the spiritual and mystical arts.


We create a safe and sacred environment for you to go deep and are committed to performing the highest ceremonial alchemy.


Meet Angie Brooks, an empathic guide with a background in Jikiden Reiki and a jungle-trained Kambo practitioner. Her intuitive abilities will empower you to transform trauma into personal strength.

Meet Tbird Luv, a Transformative Arts Facilitator and Spiritual Artist, specializing in helping you achieve what once seemed unimaginable. Her blend of ancient ceremonial practices and New Earth principles will guide you on a unique path of healing and magic.

Accomodations & Payment

The below covers lodging, all meals, activities, and access to lodging facilities. It does not include flights or transportation to/from Cancun International Airport.

Shared Room (3 guests per room)

$3,200 per guest

Private King Room (2 available)

$3,600 for 1 guest

Couples King Room (2 available)

$6,800 for 2 guests ($3,400 each)

Private Apartment (1 available)

$4,000 for 1 guest

Couples Apartment (1 available)

$7,600 for 2 guests ($3,800 each)

Pay in full


30% non-refundable deposit + 3 equal monthly payments through March 7, 2024

Reservation is confirmed once deposit is made. Full payment must be made by March 7, 2024.

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Thanks for submitting!


✔️ Never worked with plant medicine? Not to worry – we'll answer all your questions and tailor the experience to your needs.

✔️ Taking medication? During our introduction call, we'll assess if our program aligns with your unique


✔️ A personalized experience - We keep our groups small (max 12) to ensure a safe and meaningful  

journey for each guest.

✔️ Ready to embark? A valid passport is all you need to join us on this life-changing adventure.

✔️ Cancellation policy - If you cancel within 48 hours of booking, you will receive a full refund.

Your Journey Awaits

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