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How It Began

I was sitting in a restaurant in Iquitos, Peru when a little girl ran in, jumped on my lap, and began taking photos with my phone. Her mother stood outside the restaurant with a hand full of necklaces and her son on her hip. The little girl and boy are now teenagers and have become part of my Soul Family. I returned to the jungle almost every year with gifts and clothing. Eventually, I began ordering necklaces from the United States and each time I placed an order, I'd soon receive photos of their refrigerator brimming with food and the family dining at their favorite restaurant. What a feeling! Sadly, the pandemic abruptly halted their livelihood, as it did for many other families in the region who rely on tourism. That's why I established this shop — to help support the family's artistry and to provide a source of income during these difficult times. Here is the story of Sany who makes these unique pieces.

happy people

Ana Bonita and me, 2015

handmade bracelets in Peru amazon jungle

Sany grew up watching her mother make crafts from jungle seeds called "huasai" and dream catchers using ayahuasca vine. 

"Hey, friend! I've been selling necklaces since I was 10 years old and it's been a source of income for my family who live off of tourism. We belong to the Boras community, a tribe from the border of Peru and Colombia. These days, I've been focusing more on making necklaces to provide for my children so that they don't lack anything. We used to sell our necklaces in Iquitos, which is about an hour's boat ride away. Our business was doing really well before the pandemic hit, but Covid-19 has affected us greatly. Nowadays, buying from street vendors like us is prohibited, and people have to buy from established shops or from shamans. This has been very difficult for us, and has had a big impact on our livelihood." - Sany

Sany's mother making dream catchers

"I am truly grateful to have encountered you and witness your unwavering support during these challenging times. Your consistent patronage of my necklaces has been a vital source of income for my family, especially during the pandemic when we faced severe financial difficulties. Your assistance felt like a gift from above, and I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and generosity. May God bless you abundantly for always extending a helping hand to those in need. My family and I are deeply appreciative, and we send you warm hugs and heartfelt thanks." - Sany

Soul Family Extended Family

Sany, Ana, Jack and me, 2018

PHOTO-2023-02-27-17-46-17 2.jpg

Breaking ground for their new home, 2023

Midway through building

Ana and Jack in their new home

The rainy season in the Amazon Jungle can be brutal, especially for families whose homes are not secure from flooding. This year, Sany and her family broke ground to build a brick home that will allow them to sustain the rainy seasons and have a better quality of life. Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible!

Being a bridge between Indigenous communities in the Amazon Jungle and modern societies is a privilege, and it is an honor to support the children by providing them with school materials, clothing, and toys. The communities still have a great need for these items, and having received deep healing from the Amazon, it is my responsibility to give back to them as best I can. If you would like to sponsor a family or community or make a donation, please click here.

Donations to Children in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle
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