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Fern Plant



Mental clarity


Boost in energy

Physical vitality

Heightened senses

Emotional well-being

Strengthens immune system








Chronic pain


Emotional trauma


Blood disorders

Circulation issues

Viruses + bacteria

Autoimmune dis-eases

Fertility issues in women

…and much more

Fern Plant

Kambo, a.k.a. Sapo, is the secretion from the giant monkey frog, scientifically known as phyllomedusa bicolor. This powerful Amazonian frog medicine quickly purifies and deeply cleanses the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies. Kambo is an anti-inflammatory and an immune booster containing over 120 peptides, and scientific studies show that some of these peptides have been successful in treating cancer. Peptides are the smallest molecules that makeup protein, and some peptides found in Kambo cross the blood-brain barrier to assist with PTSD, depression, anxiety, and cognitive function. Here are a few scientific studies on some peptides found in Kambo.

There is also the spirit of Kambo, which contains an intelligence that is beyond our human comprehension. In almost 1,000 people I have shared this medicine with, I've noticed that those who connect with the spirit of the frog oftentimes experience shifts before we come together in ceremony. This leads me to the importance of making a connection with the spirit of any medicine you sit with prior to ceremony. This could simply look like closing your eyes, visualizing the spirit, sharing your intentions, and asking specific questions or asking the spirit to share with you what you are ready to receive.

The frog itself is a bright green color and correlates to the heart chakra making it a powerful medicine for issues surrounding the heart such as self-love, trust, forgiveness, reconciling relations, and deeper and more intimate connections with self and others.​

Kambo Bella, the first frog I received medicine from in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle, 2018.

Kambo enters the lymphatic system through small burns ( "gateways") made to the body. The secretion is combined with and activated by enzymes in saliva. This combination is then placed on each gateway beginning the treatment. Some immediate effects are relief from joint and body pain, heightened senses, enhanced alertness, a clear mind, energy, and stamina, feeling “clean” internally, and releasing panema often referred to as "dark clouds" allowing one the desire to move forward.

There is much to share about Kambo! You can learn more about my travels to the jungle where I connect with these magical beings by subscribing to my Youtube channel and connecting with me on Instagram.

***Kambo is legal and is not a psychedelic.



(2-3 hours)

*Package of 3 sessions within a moon cycle available

This session includes preparation, aura cleansing, intuitive guidance, sound healing, meditation, Reiki (if needed), rapè (pronounced “rah-pay”), Kambo, and post-care/integration.

GROUP HEALING SESSION - $222 per person

(4-6 hours)​

*Up to 7 people​

This group session includes preparation, aura cleansing, intention setting, intuitive guidance, sound healing, meditation, Reiki (if needed), rapè (pronounced “rah-pay”), Kambo, and post-care/integration.

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