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Moonstone + Clear Quartz Bracelet

Moonstone + Clear Quartz Bracelet


Handcrafted with intention and elegantly embraced by vibrant red macramé, this bracelet captures the ethereal charm of moonstone and the clarity of clear quartz, inviting harmony into your life. Elevate your style while connecting with the energies of these powerful gemstones.

- High quality

- Adjustable


    Moonstone is believed to bring balance and harmony, promoting emotional well-being and inner growth. It encourages self-discovery and is believed to offer insight, clarity and stability during times of transition. It is also said to help with intuition and have calming and soothing effects. Moonstone is known for its ability to promote intuition, enhance creativity, and bring good luck. It also has healing properties that are said to help with insomnia, headaches, and menstrual issues.


    Clear quartz is believed to bring clarity and focus, helping to clear away negative energy and bring balance to the wearer. It is also known to amplify the energy of other stones and crystals, making it an excellent choice for creating powerful crystal grids and for use in healing.


    We allow exchanges within 30 days of purchase with the return shipping costs being your responsibility. After we receive the item, we'll inspect it and provide an exchange for an item of equal value. Items must be in original condition. We reserve the right to reject any returns that do not meet this criteria. Thank you for choosing our products, and we look forward to providing you with the best possible customer service.


    We are currently shipping within the USA and Mexico.

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