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Amethyst + Anaconda Vertebrae Bracelet

Amethyst + Anaconda Vertebrae Bracelet


Handmade with care, this bracelet features mesmerizing amethyst stones and authentic anaconda vertebrae intricately wrapped in purple macramé with an Ayahuasca vine at the heart of the design - a true testament to handcrafted artistry and natural beauty.

- High quality

- Adjustable


    Amethyst is a powerful crystal that is believed to bring calming, soothing, and peaceful energies. It is thought to help with emotional healing and promote spiritual awareness. It is also used to enhance intuition and increase mental clarity and focus. Amethyst is believed to help clear away fears and anxieties and can be used to help with spiritual protection.


    Anaconda vertebrae are sometimes used in shamanic healing practices for their ability to facilitate transformation and healing on a spiritual level. They can help release stagnant energy and emotional blockages, and bring about a sense of renewal and revitalization.


    We allow exchanges within 30 days of purchase with the return shipping costs being your responsibility. After we receive the item, we'll inspect it and provide an exchange for an item of equal value. Items must be in original condition. We reserve the right to reject any returns that do not meet this criteria. Thank you for choosing our products, and we look forward to providing you with the best possible customer service.


    We are currently shipping within the USA and Mexico.

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