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Silence the noise and escape to paradise. Come rest, relax, and rise with the sun over the jungle canopy and fall asleep counting stars. 

LIBERATE is a once-in-a-lifetime inner journey set in a safe and judgment-free environment for you to deep dive into Self Love and clear your path, recognize what needs to be up-leveled, and step into the new you.

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Woods on Water

  • Inner Child Healing

  • Temazcal/Sweat Lodge

  • Leadership Workshops

  • Voice Activation Exercises

  • Share Circles & Integration

  • Self Love Restorative Practices

  • Golden Teacher Mushroom Journey

  • Kambo (Amazonian frog medicine) Detox Cleanse

        ...and much more!

This intimate 6 day/5 night experience includes:


Kids Blowing Bubbles


Your inner child represents the many versions of you at different points during your childhood and is the part of your psyche that’s connected to your natural excitement, curiosity, and creativity. Traumatic events, and even some seemingly irrelevant experiences such as being yelled at by a parent, can trigger the creation of coping mechanisms (avoidant, dismissive, insecure, etc.) that become part of your identity.


When you truly enter Self Love - feelings of not being good enough and toxic behaviors disappear.  


LIBERATE facilitates an interactive environment of ritual, good vibes, and fun. We’ll explore the meaning, context, and role that Self Love has in shaping our realities and the world around us. We’ll look through the lens of our inner child and see how inspiration aids us in healing and becoming our REAL empowered selves.


SELF LOVE is a personal act of service.

Self Love is the most powerful practice you can do to transform any hurt into healing and any healing into lived purpose. It’s the ability to see yourself whole and integrated beyond the parts of you that you think are flawed or broken – and then being able to treat yourself (and others) accordingly.

Blue Skies


 ✔️ A HIGH-QUALITY experience that helps you see yourself clearly, trust yourself more, and shift the things you’re ready to outgrow.

✔️ Mindful Self Love practices that develop more patience, care, and willpower to nurture negative voices that convince you that you can’t accomplish what you want.

✔️  A newfound energy that gets you into inspired action without the pressure of internal shame, guilt, or obligation.

✔️   Develop mindsets that harness your most coveted resource - willpower - so that you stop leaking energy around things you are avoiding.

✔️   Develop the skill to navigate through doubt, overcome obstacles, and free your frustration through the power of presence and play.

Tropical Leaves


You get a shamanic spiritual experience mixed with real-life practical self-leadership skills tucked inside a playful paradise. 


Some of our themes:

  • Vulnerability: A Master Key to Healing

  • Rewilding Your Life

  • Studies in Stillness & Productive Relaxation 

  • Becoming a Vessel via Fearless Creative Expression

  • The Magic and Power of Your Unique Desire

  • Ancestral Story, Song, and Ritual 

  • Cultivating A Relationship with the Mystery 

  • Breaking Through the Illusion of Separation

  • Detoxing with Kambo & How Plant Medicine Heals

View our full schedule here.


"Months after LIBERATE ended, I intentionally respond to adversity and most things with love, grace and compassion. I was able to open up in ways that I was afraid, I was shown things about myself I never knew existed. I was gutted in the most beautiful way."

- Amelia Brooks

"Angie your practices have changed my life and the way I show up. Since working with you I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been mentally, emotionally, & physically!"

- De'Yanna George

"Tbird fosters community where masks are removed and trust flourishes. She has helped me see that when I connect with others in a deep way, my gifts, sometimes difficult for me to see, become visible." 

- Hillary Garris


Tropical Plant

View our full schedule here.

RISINGS    9 AM - 12:30 PM

Self Love Restorative Practices

Love in Action Sessions 



Self Healing + Shadow Integration

Self Care + Regenerative Strategies 


EVENINGS    7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Heart Medicine Wisdom Circles


The medicines we use are sourced directly through sustainable and fair trade practices. Each one has its own intelligence and consciousness that goes far beyond our own. They teach us about life and about death. They purify us from all the un-serving things we hold inside our psyches and offer precious knowledge that helps expel anything that is alien to our true being. 


This powerful and sacred Amazonian frog medicine quickly purifies and deeply cleanses the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies through a purging process. A powerful detox for the entire system and a great way to cleanse the body and mind of unwanted stress and stagnant energy opening channels to deeper self-awareness and compassion. Learn more about Kambo here.


Also known as hápe, this sacred and ancient shamanic snuff has been used by Amazonian tribes for thousands of years. It is blown into the nostrils and assists in healing, relaxing, and grounding the body and mind. It also assists in decalcifying and activating the pineal gland (third eye), cleansing the sinus cavity, and activating profound internal insights.


This magical superfood not only is used to make chocolate, but it's packed with antioxidants, and minerals, and is used to open the heart chakra to promote healing. 



Relax and purify in a jungle oasis designed for holistic healing. This jungle resort is located in the mystical Mayan jungle complete with a pool, fire circle, private cenote, and secret cave. After our nightly bonfire, wind down and retreat to your air conditioned shared room, private room, or apartment, and rise each day to the relaxing sounds of Nature. Enjoy delicious plant-based meals made by local master chefs, and allow the magic of the Mayan Jungle to open you to new possibilities.


We are women of color with Indigenous roots and extensive backgrounds in leadership, plant medicine, and integrative work. We developed our sacred art forms from a rooted foundation of years of training with masters in the spiritual and mystical arts.


We combine these trainings with gifts passed down from our ancestral lineages. We create a safe and sacred environment for you to go deep and get FREE. We are committed to performing the highest CEREMONIAL ALCHEMY.


We share traditional healing and native medicine combined with Evolutionary New Earth principles that provide a safe and fully integrated immersive experience in order to clean and purify old beliefs and patterns, and rebirth into the new.


ANGIE BROOKS is a trauma-informed intuitive guide who leads people in immersive experiences to activate the healer within and realign with their soul’s purpose. I am a Jikiden Reiki practitioner and a jungle-trained Kambo practitioner. I utilizes my empathic ability, tools from my personal healing journey, and 10+ years of experience with natural healing modalities to assist you in remembering who you truly are. I help you transform trauma into power by tuning into the intelligence of the body and your higher self, and I provide life-affirming practical tools to empower your authentic self expression.

WhatsApp Image 2022-12-30 at 1.30.46 PM.jpeg

TBIRD LUV is a Transformative Arts Facilitator, New Earth Leadership Trainer, Spiritual Artist, Sacred Guardian Mentor, Coach & Intuitive Healer. I help cultivate the high level mindset and resilience you need to achieve what once seemed unimaginable. I'm a Certified Reiki Master & Light Ascension Therapist with a background in the performing and healing arts for 20 plus years. I create a safe environment for you to break free from influences that cloud your truth and block your full authentic expression. I've been working with plant medicines and indigenous elders since 2003. All over the world, I’ve led programs that bring out your star-power qualities through a blend of ancient ceremonial practices and evolutionary New Earth principles. Sessions are designed to fit your individual “soul print” in a way that alchemizes your gifts in a unique path of healing and magic. 


The below covers lodging, all meals, medicine, activities, and access to lodging facilities. It does not include flights or transportation to/from airport. *Transportation to/from Cancun International Airport is available. Tulum is 1.5 hours from Cancun, and we recommend you fly in a day before to avoid any flight cancellations or changes.

Shared Room (up to 3 guests)

$3,200 per guest

Private King Room (2 available)

$3,600 for 1 guest

Couples King Room (2 available)

$6,000 for 2 guests

Private Apartment (1 available)

$4,000 for 1 guest

Couples Apartment (1 available)

$7,000 for 2 guests

30% non-refundable deposit to secure your spot.

Pay in full

or the following payment plan is available:

30% non-refundable deposit + 3 equal monthly payments through October 26, 2023

Reservation is confirmed once deposit is made.

A stream in the forest


Thanks for submitting!


I've never worked with plant medicine. Can I still attend?

Yes, we have worked with many people new to plant medicine! We will answer all your questions and assess your needs during our introduction call.


Can I participate if I am taking medication?

Some medications do not mesh well with the type of program we offer. During our introduction call, we will assess if this is the right program for you.


Do I need a passport to come to Mexico?

Yes, you will need your passport (blue book) if coming from the USA.


What's the best way to get to Tulum?

Cancun International Airport (CUN) is the closest airport to Tulum and approximately a 1 hour and 20-minute drive.  You can take a bus directly from the airport or a taxi. Uber is unavailable in Cancun, and we can assist you with making travel arrangements. We highly recommend that you arrive at least one day prior to avoid any unexpected flight cancellations or delays.

What is your cancellation policy?

We have a firm one-month cancellation policy for anyone who has been confirmed to participate. If you cancel within one month of Liberate, you'll be expected to pay in full unless there is a medical emergency, in which you may transfer to another person if s/he meets our criteria. If you cancel before 30 days of Liberate, you will receive a 70% refund. If you have additional questions, please contact us at or

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