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Sunrise over the Wheat Field


As an empath and intuitive guide, much of my work comes from the connection that we create. Talking it out is a powerful way to gain deeper insights into your subconscious mind and tune into what is true to your heart and what's coming from your ego. You can expect a safe and non-judgmental space to share, a "keep it real" approach, and calling you up and out of any bulls*t that you're still holding tightly to while still being nurtured and seen. Laughing, crying, and releasing however you need to is welcome here. Below are a few of my favorite topics:







In addition to the above topics, I assist you in understanding and processing emotions that arise from your life experiences. I also work with a technology that communicates with your body through subtle bio-frequency and electromagnetic feedback to identify areas that are out of balance. We are able to harmonize the imbalances promoting optimal mental, emotional, and physical health using specific tools within the technology. Sounds high-tech, right?! It is. 😉


I look forward to learning more about your journey and sharing my knowledge, insights, and intuitive messages. I will call you by phone at our scheduled time, and ask that you are in a relaxed state and are prepared to take notes. Unsure of which session to schedule? No worries, let's have a quick 10 minute call to determine the next best step.

De'yanna George, Self Help Coach & Wellness Practitioner

"Angie has guided me through deep emotional distress. From her word alchemy, to her holistic tools, and her capacity to hold space for others is truly transformational. Angie has created such a safe space for me to heal and I love how authentic, honest, and well rounded she approaches her practice. She is deeply knowledgeable and confident in her craft and has the ability to help her clients get the results they need. Any service Angie provides you will not only feel great, but experience deep shifts from trauma. A lot of her work has allowed me to connect to my inner child and reprogram my thought patterns."

Sunrise over the Wheat Field


60 mins. - $77 USD

90 mins. - $111 USD

90 mins. package of 3
300 USD
 (save 10%)

A 60 minute "tune-up" to ignite your fire and inspire action into the direction you wish to go.. I will provide intuitive guidance and "homework" to help get you there. If you feel you need more guidance, I suggest booking a package of 3 or we can create a custom program specific to your needs.

In this session, we will discuss what is coming up energetically for you and explore how it is showing up in your life. We will connect the dots on some seemingly "not connected" experiences to see the bigger picture, and I will share some tools and exercises specific to your needs to help align you with your magic.

Let's get deep! In these sessions, we will design a roadmap with your goals in mind and get deeper into what's coming up energetically for you. You will receive tools and exercises that will assist you in deepening your intuition and living a more intentional and fulfilled life.

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